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Your company deserves better. We help businesses to go to the next step by focusing on results over and over again. Our focus on results allows us to prepare a solution that will turn your marketing “costs” into an investment.

Who are we for?

New Business

We are passionate about innovative business ideas that help make the world a better place. Companies that are only starting need to get traction, fast. Without paying for unnecessary services, we choose the most direct strategy to get your business off the ground.

Stagnating Business

Most of our clients include businesses running offline marketing or referrals for far too long. We suggest a clear path to making the company grow and move forward again so you can have less stress, more time and energy.


Launch of a new service or product requires a lot of effort in the beginning. We ensure this does not go to waste by finding a combination of services that take your current strategy into consideration and seamlessly launch new service or product alongside the others.

Transform your business overnight

Solutions for You

We pride ourselves on giving you the peace of mind that digital marketing is taken care of. This means results which you not only see in the report but on your bank account as well.

Single Success

For companies that are looking to launch 1 product or want to get a taste of working with us.


Life Changer

Solution that completely transforms how you think about your business.


Multi Success

For companies looking to grow on all fronts, we promote all of your products/services.


Our Services

Building blocks to our solutions, we have a team skilled in all of these areas and we collaborate effectively to build a solution, not just one service that stops working after a few months.


Replace your informative texts with ones that really sell. Copy is a text that focuses on effective communication with the target audience in mind. The aim of these texts is to whip up attention, generate interest, and summon action.

Google Ads

Catch your customer’s attention right when they are searching for your product or service. Google ads are short text ads that appear in Google’s search. They have a strategic place either at the top or bottom of the results page.

Social Media Ads

Attract a wide group of your dream customers with visual ads that show up on platforms like Facebook or Instagram. They help you reach more people and promote your product or service to your targeted audience.

E-mail Marketing

Don't ever let your customers forget about you again by using emails to engage with your audiences. Email marketing helps you stay in contact with your previous, current, or upcoming clients. It involves sending promotional or informational content.

Digital Strategy

Define your position in marketplace with a strategy that helps you achieve your goals. That includes understanding who your customers are, what to say to catch their attention, and which marketing channel to use.

Marketing Automation

Don’t struggle using your collected data. Marketing automation software helps you work better by handling data and tasks for you. You can automatically send emails, post on social media, and keep track of your customers.

Funnel building

Turn People from “just looking” to actually buying. Funnel is like a journey for your customers, where each step is making them more likely to buy. It’s a helpful framework that connects and engages with customers along their journey.


Don’t be in the dark when tracking your digital marketing efforts. With tracking code implemented on your website, you are able to make informed decisions based on your customer’s behaviour.

Local Marketing

Be the first choice when someone searches for your service or product near your location. Properly optimized Google My Business profile can improve not just how you appear in search results, but also how many people visit and buy from you.

Companies that are eager to move forward love us

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Katarína Zeleňáková
Katarína Zeleňáková
S agentúrou Passionet sme pracovali na vzdelávacom projekte pre našu firmu. Keďže sa venujú marketingu a tvorbe webových stránok umožnili nám vytvoriť online systém , ktorý nie je iba funkčný , ale aj atraktívny a interaktívny pre nábor nových ľudí. Ich najväčšou výhodou je mladá energia, sústredenie na kvalitu a rozmýšľanie, ktoré dotvorilo myšlienku tak ako sme si ju predstavovali.
Karina Zoková
Karina Zoková
Výborný pomer cena/kvalita, mladý dynamický kolektív. Určite budeme spolupracovať aj v budúcnosti a jednoznačne by som ju odporučila aj ostatným. Ďakujeme!
Buildcorp Diamonds
Buildcorp Diamonds
S agentúrou sme mali možnosť pracovať na viacerých projektoch, vždy bolo všetko na čas a podľa dohody..veľká spokojnosť! Len tak ďalej :)
Janko Zoka
Janko Zoka
Veľká spokojnosť so službami tejto agentúry! Vždy rýchla odozva a bezproblémová komunikácia, môžem len odporúčať!
Lukáš Daniš
Lukáš Daniš
Spolupráca s agentúrou Passionet bola na profesionálnej úrovni. Splnili všetko na čom sme sa dohodli nad moje očakávania.
Honzo Blasko
Honzo Blasko
Najsamlepsia agentura s ktorou spolupracujeme.


An interactive document with video outlining what you are missing in your marketing strategy and what next steps can you take to finally break through and grow your business to 10M+. 

How weWork

Analysis (Currently for FREE)
To understand your business almost as well as you do, we ask questions, research your competitors, and take a look at your current strategy.
After determining your current situation, we suggest a package that best suits you, if needed, services or pricing model can be adjusted to your needs.
From packaging your services as an easy-to-buy offer, through creating landing pages and campaigns. This is where all the magic happens.
When everything is ready and tested, we are ready to go. After launching the campaigns, they need to be monitored closely.
Report and Optimize
You will receive regular reports clearly outlining if the efforts make sense. Based on the reports, we swap headlines, visuals, and offers till we get to the point of greatest demand.

Frequently asked Questions

Yes, we can guarantee you more sales if you stay with us long enough. Although we are heavily focused on bringing your results as soon as possible, sometimes the strategy or campaign needs a few weeks of optimizing to really bring positive ROI. As with everything good in life, it takes time.

If we agree on a timeframe when you should expect results and we don’t deliver, we work for free till we do so.

We have packaged our services in a way that we know works. When we do the analysis, we often discover that there are single services you might need help with, we are happy to do them for you. However, the best results are always achieved when all parts of successful acquisition strategy work together – for which are our packages the best solution.

We are happy to talk about our pricing on a call with you, based on client’s needs, we offer different pricing models: monthly fee, performance-based fee, or one-time retainer which allows you to get a discount. We want to explain to you all of the moving parts of our services before discussing the price, simply because from experience, not a lot of our clients understood how much work some of the services require.

Yes, this is a great experience both for your team and us. As your marketing team gets an addition of 5 more professionals from marketing field and we get someone who’s job is to communicate with us and help us with achieving your goals.

After we set up the campaigns and test everything, we launch. Campaigns are getting the first clicks already in the next few hours. Nevertheless, you should expect a few weeks for the leads to come through and move forward in their buying decisions.

Thinking of getting in touch?We are ready for any questions. Book a time that suits you and let's talk for a free 30 minute no-obligation brekathrough session. We'll identify your problems, propose solutions and see if we're the right fit to work with you.