Connecting the Dots between Businesses and Customers through Google My Business

In this online world, Google stands as the go-to information hub for people and businesses alike. Every day, countless individuals turn to this platform to seek the answers they need, making its position very important and necessary.

When the desire to purchase a product or secure a service shows up, our natural inclination is to turn to Google for enlightenment. This behavior is a reflection of our own inclinations – a tendency to seek authenticity and validation through information. Nowadays, we’re used to using Google to find answers. It helps us understand things better in our changing world.

Every business wants to rank high on Google’s search results. After all, what could be more compelling than capturing the attention of potential clients precisely when they’re actively seeking your product or service? Thanks to Google My Business listing, you can make yourself visible to people who are searching for you.

What is Google My Business listing (GMB)?

GMB is your company’s own online profile. It’s a free tool that helps you to appear in Google Search and Maps results. Google receives millions of searches a day that have a local intent, you can easily reach the attention of prospects who are either ready to buy or at least considering it.

What can you modify in your profile and where does it appear?

Your profile can be enriched by the photos, showcasing aspects such as your product or service portfolio, your office environment, or members of your team. Furthermore, this platform enables you to post offers or special promotions, accessible to potential clientele.

It offers a reviews tab, which can draw the attention of potential clients. Within it, you have the capability to respond with professional finesse to the feedback left by your customer. This way of engagement aligns with the harmony of nurturing client relationships and further solidifying your reputation.

Can Google My Business help you rank in Google?

While your website is still important for being found online, Google is making an effort to show people all the info they need right in the search results directly, without them having to click on anything. This is amazing, especially for the local businesses.

If your Google Business listing has all the right information, it will show up higher in Google Search and Maps. Actually, listings with complete and accurate information get more clicks than those with missing details, and they’re 70% more likely to get visits from customers with nearby location. This shows that having a good Google Business Profile can improve not just how you appear in search results, but also how many people visit and buy from you.

How much does it cost?

Google doesn’t ask you to pay for listing your business. You can create several listings under a single account without any cost. What truly matters is making sure your listing is correct and useful. Google’s aim with Google My Business is to bring real-world businesses into the online world. This helps people find and compare businesses that match what they need. It also helps them make smart choices about the products and services they want.

How to claim a Google My Business listing?

  1. To begin the process of creating your profile visit You will need an active Google account. If you don’t have it, create one using your business email address where can Google My Business send you notifications and updates about your listing.
  2. In the next step, you can enter your business address to locate it on the map.
  3. Fill in all the relevant information. The more complete your profile, the more helpful it will be to searchers and Google will rank it higher in the search results.
  4. Verify your account. Your Google Business Profile will not be active or appear in search results until it is verified.

Now that you’ve got a good grasp of what Google My Business is, let’s dive into the practical benefits it brings. And this tool sure has loads of them.

Seizing the chance to establish, authenticate, and skillfully enhance your Google My Business account is a priceless opportunity, which is why you should make sure to set it up.

Here’s a glimpse into some additional advantages offered by Google My Business.

People can share their thoughts and experiences about your company there

Reviews are one of your sales-men, when it comes to deciding about a purchase, many people rely on what other people have to say about the product or service. It’s not all about the potential customers but since the reviews help them with deciding, Google likes it too. When you have many reviews, Google considers you as verified and rank you higher.

Positive feedback has a meaning. It improves your standing in search engine results and also functions as an unpaid and trustworthy validation for your offerings.

While striving for positive reviews is crucial, it’s important to keep in mind that even the most successful businesses receive negative feedback from time to time. When it occurs, you have to manage such reviews with a professional approach. Rather than taking these criticisms to heart, view them as opportunities for growth. Instead of personalizing negative comments, channel them into improving your product or service. When effectively used, negative reviews can offer valuable insights to propel your business forward.

Regular reviews are a must

Google ranking your business is based also on the reviews. Google likes relevant and updated reviews, so make sure your reviews are up-to-date. This helps Google understand your business better. Ensuring that they remain relevant is not only essential for your ranking, but also for presenting an accurate and dynamic image of your business to potential customers. Keeping this aspect in mind can contribute significantly to a positive online presence.

Let your customers find you easily on the map

This can improve your local visibility. When potential customers search for a product or service, Google shows them the most relevant options based on their location. By appearing on the map, your business gains a competitive advantage in capturing the attention of those who actively seek what you offer.

If you own a brick-and-mortar shop, a listing on Google Maps can lead to an increase in foot traffic. When users are nearby and searching for businesses like yours, the map directs them straight to your location, potentially converting searches into visits.

A presence on Google Maps means that your business is recognized by a respected platform, and that provides authenticity and trustworthiness to your brand.

Potential customers see all important information right away

GMB provides a bunch of useful info that customers might want. This includes where it’s situated on the map, the contact number for questions or reservations, opening hours, and the star rating. It’s a handy feature that benefits both the business and the customers.

You can keep track of your statistics in the Insights section

When you set up a GMB profile, you will be able to have access to statistics that can help keep track of these things:

  • You can see what people are seeking your product or service. You can see their age, gender and from which country were they searching for you.
  • How many people click on your website link.
  • The number of people who have seen your GMB profile.
  • You can see what keywords people use to search for your product or service.

In a world where Google holds the power, Google My Business is your ally, connecting your business with customers. As you explore the many benefits Google My Business offers, remember: it’s not just about appearing on a map, it’s about being present in the lives of those who seek your products and services. It’s time to use this digital force, amplify your reach, and shape your business’s narrative in the ever-evolving online world.